Ownership and Funding Information

Ownership Structure: Watanserb.com is a proud part of Watan News LLC, a distinguished Arab American news media corporation. The organization is privately owned by Nezam Mahdawi, a Palestinian-American journalist with a vision for independent and credible journalism. Under his leadership, Watanserb.com has established itself as a trusted source of news and information, reflecting the diverse voices within the Arab-American community and beyond.

Funding Model: Our commitment to maintaining editorial independence and journalistic integrity is reflected in our funding model. Watanserb.com is entirely funded through advertising revenue. This model supports our operational costs and enables us to deliver high-quality, unbiased news content to our readers. We carefully select our advertising partners to ensure that the advertisements align with our values and do not influence our editorial content.

By relying solely on advertising, we ensure that our news coverage remains free from the influence of external funding sources or grants. This approach allows us to stay true to our mission of providing honest, in-depth journalism that resonates with our audience and upholds the principles of free press.

Conclusion: At Watanserb.com, the combination of private ownership and advertisement-based funding allows us to pursue our journalistic endeavors with complete editorial freedom. We are dedicated to offering our readers news that is not only informative but also aligns with the highest standards of media ethics and integrity.