Organizational and Publishing Policies

1. Mission Statement

At, part of Watan News LLC, we are dedicated to delivering credible, insightful news and fostering open dialogue within the Arab-American community and globally. Our mission is to uphold journalistic integrity, provide a platform for diverse Arab voices, and bridge cultural gaps through informed reporting.

2. Editorial Independence

We maintain strict editorial independence to ensure our reporting is free from external influences and internal biases. Our commitment is to unbiased journalism, where editorial content is distinctly separate from commercial interests, safeguarding the trust of our readers.

3. News Gathering and Fact-Checking

Our news gathering process is anchored in credibility and thorough verification. We rely on reputable sources and employ stringent fact-checking methods to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our information, upholding the highest standards of journalistic excellence.

4. Reporting on Sensitive Issues

We approach sensitive political and social issues with utmost respect and consideration for diverse viewpoints. Our content is crafted with sensitivity and context, ensuring a balanced representation that reflects the complexities of these topics.

5. Corrections Policy

Transparency and accountability are pillars of our operation. We are committed to correcting errors promptly and transparently, fostering a culture of honesty and responsibility in our reporting.

6. User-Generated Content and Community Engagement

User-generated content is welcomed under strict moderation guidelines to ensure constructive and respectful dialogue. We encourage community engagement while maintaining a platform that respects diverse opinions and fosters healthy discussions.

7. Privacy and Data Protection

Protecting user privacy and data is paramount. Our practices for data collection, usage, and protection are in strict adherence to our privacy policy, ensuring the safeguarding of our users’ information.

8. Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in news coverage and within our organizational structure is a commitment we hold dear. We strive for inclusivity and representation of various perspectives and communities, reflecting the rich tapestry of the Arab world.

9. Advertising and Sponsored Content

We clearly distinguish between editorial and sponsored content. Our guidelines for accepting and publishing sponsored content are stringent, ensuring alignment with our values and editorial standards, without compromising our journalistic integrity.

10. Feedback and Complaints Procedure

We value our readers’ feedback and provide clear channels for submitting responses or complaints. Our process for addressing these is transparent and efficient, ensuring we remain responsive and accountable to our audience.

Implementation and Accessibility

  • These policies are integral to our operations and are accessible on the website.
  • Regular training for our staff and contributors ensures consistent understanding and application of these policies.
  • We engage with our audience for feedback, adapting our policies to meet evolving standards and expectations.


At, these policies are not just guidelines; they are the essence of our commitment to responsible, credible journalism. We stand by these principles, ensuring that we continue to be a trusted source of news and information for our readers worldwide.